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asked 2019-07-16 11:40:27 -0600

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Hi All, In our older liberty release openstack, we customized ceilometer source files to add graphite to feed resource data to graphite backend carbon db which in turn used by grafana to show usage metrics on UI. However in recent Stein release I found the ceilometer source code is restructured to support many new things. In older liberty code, we changed agent/manager.py, compute/pollsters/cpu,memory,net.py, opts.py and adding new graphite.py to define dispatcher opts to use graphite to send metrics data to backend carbon db.

In current stein ceilometer source, I dont find the ceilometer/agent files which are moved to some location and I dont have idea where the manager.py is located now.

I have doubt that whether gnocchi is doing similar jobs as done by graphite to put metrics data into db? And when gnocchi was introduced in Ceilometer version for what purpose?

If gnocchi is serving same functionality as graphite, can I use the metrics data from db to grafana UI and how can I achieve that?

thanks you for your replies and hints.

best rgds,

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