Adding network of a remote compute edge node failing

asked 2019-07-09 18:36:20 -0500

dhj77 gravatar image

Setting up a compute node at a remote DC and added it to our main openstack instance in our home DC. Having issues creating a network in horizon for the network the remote compute node is on (completely different network from out main DC).

It’s throwing the log message: “horizon.exceptions Recoverable error: Invalid input for operation: physical network ‘’ unknown for flat network provider’. Where the remote node is on 10.1.7.x network. The linuxbridge_agent.ini’s physical_interface_mappings directive is set to ‘provider2:eno3’. Was set to ‘provider:eno3’ previous to this and also did not work.

The compute node is in a different host aggregate and availability zone from the other compute nodes at the main site.

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