Ironic whole disk image slow deployment

asked 2019-07-09 02:35:52 -0500

hoodl gravatar image

Hi, I am using Openstack Ironic Queen and I was trying to deploy custom OS images that needs to have custom partitions.

What I am currently doing is that I will generate a qcow2 image where it will have 512MB /boot, 128GB swap and 1GB /root. However, when I'm trying to deploy these image through ironic, it will have to dd 130GB of the entire image over the network. The problem here is that this will take a very long time when disk IO or network IO is not fast enough. This is worsen when we try to deploy 300 baremetal machines in one go.

I am open to any suggestions to find new ways to make the deployment faster and quicker. Hope anyone has an idea can guide me.


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