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Multiattach support for Stein RBD driver

asked 2019-07-04 03:38:31 -0600

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In OpenStack Stein release notes (, there is statement: RBD driver has added multiattach support. It should be noted that replication and multiattach are mutually exclusive, so a single RBD volume can only be configured to support one of these features at a time. Additionally, RBD image features are not preserved which prevents a volume being retyped from multiattach to another type. This limitation is temporary and will be addressed soon.

But in Cinder Driver Matrix (, RBD(Ceph) is still marked as multi attach not supported.

Which one is right? Does RBD driver support multiattach now?


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answered 2019-07-04 09:16:49 -0600

I had the same question and got a positive answer from the mailing list:

Details have not yet been documented, it seems.

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