Create the base Neutron networks

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Hello there.

I'm new to the openstack, and unable to create the base neutron networks so need help.

On this page:

What would be my gateway_external_network_id = EXT_NET_ID

router_id = EXT_TO_INT_ID


Should I put 'eth0' into EXT_NET_ID?

OR should I put 'UUID' into that?

I can't find any UUID on my Centos 6.5 networknode or any other nodes (I have 1 controller, 1 network, 2 hypervisors, all VM's)

On the network node, I have 3(three) interfaces:

eth0 - management network for openstack connection

eth1 - VM network (for VM-to-VM & VM-to-Vrouter connection)

eth2 - External Network (for Vrouter-to-Internet)

Thank you very much!!

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answered 2014-02-20 04:21:54 -0600

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What would be my gateway_external_network_id = EXT_NET_ID

It should be the id of the external network that need to be handled by this sepcific l3-agent. id of the external network can be obtained from "neutron net-list" command.

ID for router can be obtained from "neutron router-list"

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