How to rebuild root partition when booting from volume

asked 2019-06-12 17:08:27 -0500

John Haller gravatar image

When an image is booted from ephemeral storage, this command can be used to repopulate the VM's ephemeral storage with the same or different while keeping other server attributes like IP addresses:

openstack server rebuild

But, there is no equivalent I've found when booting from a volume. In theory, this could be done by stopping the server, detaching the volume, and attaching a new volume built from an appropriate image. Unfortunately, the root volume can't be detached, even from a stopped VM.

Using Ceph as a backend, there should be no performance difference with booting from volume, and I was hoping not to need to create flavors for every disk variant someone needed, but supporting a rebuild option is a deal-breaker for using volumes.

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