deploy-kubeadm-master : wait for kube api giving error

asked 2019-05-16 07:50:32 -0600

Gurjeet gravatar image

Hi, While installing openstack helm, after cloning the openstack hem, it is advised to deploy kubernetes and helm, so , after running the script. It got stuck TASK [deploy-kubeadm-aio-common : performing deploy-kube action] ***************** and the errror is "FAILED - RETRYING: wait for kube api (120 retries left).", "changed: [/mnt/rootfs ->]", "", "TASK [deploy-kubeadm-master : wait for node to come online] *****", "FAILED - RETRYING: wait for node to come online (120 retries left).",

Please help me in resolving this Following this link :- (

Thanks in Advance

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