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Is there any way to represent graphically the tempest testcases which are executed

asked 2014-02-18 11:42:06 -0600

vinayd gravatar image

Hi All,

I am using tempest framework for automating some of our application specific REST APIs, i am able to execute the test cases using nosetests but its not giving output or representing the results in proper manner, like graphical way of how many test cases passed, failed etc.

Is there any way to do the above

Please let me know if its available

Thanks, Vinay

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answered 2014-02-23 12:20:47 -0600

rahmu gravatar image

Running tests with nosetests is not supported in Tempest anymore. Instead it supports Testrepository (testr) to launch the different tests.

I don't know of any graphical way to represent the results of the tests, but Tempest presents a CLI tool that enhances the output of the standard testr run called For instance to run all the network tests, you should run something like this:

$ ./

The output will then have 4 parts:

Each individual tests

Note that if your terminal emulator supports it, it will use a color code to help you identify slower tests.
    test_list_agent[gate,smoke]                                       OK  0.14
    test_list_agents_non_admin[gate,smoke]                            OK  0.16
    test_show_agent[gate,smoke]                                       OK  0.03
    test_update_agent_description[gate,smoke]                         OK  0.13
    test_update_agent_status[gate,smoke]                              OK  0.03
    test_list_dhcp_agent_hosting_network[gate,smoke]                  OK  0.31
    test_list_networks_hosted_by_one_dhcp[gate,smoke]                 OK  0.06
    test_remove_network_from_dhcp_agent[gate,smoke]                   OK  0.08
    test_list_agent[gate,smoke]                                       OK  0.09
    test_list_agents_non_admin[gate,smoke]                            OK  0.31

List slowest tests

Slowest 10 tests took 20.12 secs:
    test_floating_ip_update_different_router[gate,smoke]                  1.81
    test_floating_ip_delete_port[gate,smoke]                              1.49
    test_floating_ip_update_different_router[gate,smoke]                  2.62
    test_create_update_delete_pool_vip                                    2.47
    test_create_update_delete_pool_vip                                    2.31
    test_bulk_create_delete_subnet[gate,smoke]                            1.50
    test_port_list_filter_by_router_id[gate,smoke]                        2.06
    test_port_list_filter_by_router_id[gate,smoke]                        1.83
    test_add_remove_router_interface_with_port_id[gate,smoke]             2.01
    test_update_extra_route[gate,smoke]                                   2.01

Error traceback of failing tests

FAIL: setUpClass (
Traceback (most recent call last):
_StringException: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "tempest/api/network/", line 46, in setUpClass
    cls.metering_label = cls.create_metering_label(name, description)
  File "tempest/api/network/", line 327, in create_metering_label
  File "tempest/services/network/", line 135, in _create
    resp, body =, post_data)
  File "tempest/services/network/", line 62, in post
    return, body, headers)
  File "tempest/common/", line 177, in post
    return self.request('POST', url, headers, body)
  File "tempest/common/", line 352, in request
    resp, resp_body)
  File "tempest/common/", line 396, in _error_checker
    raise exceptions.NotFound(resp_body)
NotFound: Object not found
Details: 404 Not Found

The resource could not be found.


Ran 176 tests in 82.424s

FAILED (failures=3)
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answered 2014-10-04 23:52:58 -0600

updated 2014-11-26 07:53:28 -0600

Hi, Try talking a look at ELK Stack

ElasticSearch, Logstash and kibana.

When all these three combined, you can get a graphical list of the logs, outputs and you can customize them.

Let me know if you need more information as i have put in just basic things to get u started.

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