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Hey everyone, we run a small queens environment at my university that is completely implemented and managed by students. I'm wondering if the upgrade process from one series to another (from Queens to say, Stein) would be simple enough that we could have the students conduct it when they have time, or if it would require a complete reinstall of services and applications on each server (we currently have 5) individually?

Also, what are the main differences between Queens and the currently supported series? I understand that Stein is supported and Queens is only maintained, but is it worth it for a small environment to be completely overhauled every 6 months or can we stick with our current series? (Our environment is not accessible from the web, it is all run internally on our network)


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It’s possible to go from Queens to Rocky. It’s not simple and requires careful planning. Making upgrades easier and more robust is a current priority in OpenStack development, as well as the ability to “jump over” a release, e,g. Q—>S.

If you want security updates and bug fixes, ensure your cloud runs on maintained software. Recent releases also make it easier to get community support.

Differences are documented in the release notes.

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I really appreciate the information, it will surely help us in our decision moving forward!

cnkunz gravatar imagecnkunz ( 2019-05-13 20:31:10 -0600 )edit

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