Image_Pending_Upload Increases Each Snapshot

asked 2019-05-10 09:46:04 -0600

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updated 2019-05-28 08:52:40 -0600

I take snapshots of the same instances every week. I noticed when an instance is continuously changing, the snapshot starts to take longer. I had an instance grow from being 470GB to 507GB and the backup changed from taking 4 hours to 21 hours. It would take about an hour to two hours longer each week it backed up.

When looking at my logs I realized it was the image_pending_upload that was taking the time. My first backup, when my instance was 470GB on January 1st, took 3 hours in image_pending_upload and 1 hour in image_uploading. My latest backup, when it was 507GB on May 19th, was in image_pending_upload for 20 hours and image_uploading for 1 hour. For comparison, I have another instance that is 530GB and is not in use that is only in image_pending_upload for 50 minutes and image_uploading for an hour and twenty minutes.

The only explanation I have thought of is that the delta between the backing file and the the instance is continuously growing, and each time I take a snapshot it is going through all the changes that have happened since the instance was created. Is there any way to commit the changes when a snapshot occurs so image_pending_upload does not take as long?

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