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   In a 7 server openstack deployment (2 controllers with 8x1gb each, 3 computes with 6x1gb each, 1 swift storage with 6x1gb and 1 cinder storage with 6x1gb) how should the assignment of the interfaces be done? 
  First of all the traffic to the external network (internet) would be done throught the controllers that run in active-active HA with HAproxy for load balancing. Swift proxy will also run on the controllers. I was thinking of using 1 interface on all servers for management purposes. Then on compute nodes, swift sotarge and cinder storage servers will bond the remaining 5 interfaces in mode 0 or 1 for internal communication. On the controller nodes 4 interfaces bondid for internal network and the remaining 3 for the external network. Is this setup correct or should i revise it?
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