Error in getting started with Gerrit using Sandbox

asked 2019-04-17 04:35:00 -0500

anonymous user


I'm trying to follow this (link text): to learn how to use Gerrit.
I'm trying "git commit" but it returns the error:
".git/hooks/commit-msg: 2: .git/hooks/commit-msg: Syntax error: newline unexpected"
Any leads why am I getting this?

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I would have a look at this file .git/hooks/commit-msg, in particular line 2, where the error occurs. Something seems to have gone wrong when you issued the git review -s command, which is supposed to install the commit hook. Perhaps run the command again and carefully check for error messages.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2019-04-18 18:52:20 -0500 )edit