Writing tests for Keystone ?

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I am working on a project where i need to test Keystone for possible vulnerabilities. Currently, I am focussing on the keystone client middleware. I am interested in knowing the possible ways to test keystone components or in general OpenStack components. Any help on this would be appreciated.

On my part I am aware of the following things: 1. I have done the code review of the Keystone middleware to understand its working. 2. I follow Keystone related bugs on launchpad to further get a grip of things. 3. I am aware of Testr though I haven't used it yet.

However, I have still not written any code for testing Keystone, without it my understanding is still on the periphery. Therefore, are there any other tools / mechanisms / methodologies / dummy guides / blogs or miscellaneous resources that any one could enlighten me about . I would eventually like to start developing for OpenStack therefore I want to know as much i can :)

Thank you for your help !!!

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answered 2014-02-17 09:22:04 -0600

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You should start by taking a look at Tempest the testing suite. This would get you familiar with the API.

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answered 2014-08-08 01:05:07 -0600

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Which type of test you need to cover ?? API CLI Scenario or stress -

better to have a look on tempest.


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answered 2015-02-16 01:11:21 -0600

For all kind of testing related idea you can check this http://ukresearchpaperreviews.com/ (resource), you can get solution within seconds from the experts.

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