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I have an openstack with one controller and 9 compute. my openstack version is newton. i want 8 compute use nova newton and latest compute node use Rocky scheduler. for this goal, i create a VM on my controller by kvm and install nova package version rocky on it. now i want latest node user this new scheduler and other services like keystone, glance and so on use previously controller.
Are you have idea?
i want compute see Rocky nova as nova schadular. tnx

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answered 2019-04-16 06:34:39 -0500

An OpenStack cloud can only have one scheduler. When you launch an instance, or you migrate an instance to a different host, the scheduler decides which compute node will host the instance. It’s not quite clear to me why you want two schedulers.

You seem to be confused about the scheduler role when you say that you want the Rocky compute node to “use” the second scheduler. Compute nodes don’t use schedulers. One could say that they are used by schedulers.

Perhaps you want two clouds, one with Rocky, one with Newton, which share most services apart from Nova? You can share Keystone among several clouds using the region concept. Perhaps there is a way to share the rest? I don’t know.

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