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How to use multiple neutron plugins on same compute node? [closed]

asked 2014-02-17 01:49:55 -0500

nishant80 gravatar image

updated 2014-02-17 01:51:50 -0500

While setting up a neutron plugin (like ovswitch, mellanox etc), we need to specify plugin name in /etc/neutron/neutron.conf (on the neutron server node) as follows:

core_plugin = neutron.plugins.mlnx.mlnx_plugin.MellanoxEswitchPlugin

My query is:
Is there a way to specify and use multiple plugins at the same time?

I would like to use two plugins at same time to make use of exclusive features in NIC cards from 2 vendors. Both cards will be installed on same compute node.

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Closed for the following reason duplicate question by koolhead17
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I had posted this query on openstack mailing list as well. I was advised to explore ML2 as it might make it possible. Still, it would be great to hear from someone who has tried this kind of setup.

nishant80 gravatar imagenishant80 ( 2014-02-18 00:11:35 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-02-17 14:41:31 -0500

koolhead17 gravatar image


Closing this as its been asked and answered in the mailing list already.

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@koolhead17: Please keep this question open as I am yet to get a response from someone who has tried this kind of setup. I normally post my openstack queries on both ask.openstack and the mailing list for max visibility. Is this approach not correct? Thanks!

nishant80 gravatar imagenishant80 ( 2014-02-18 00:08:08 -0500 )edit

@nishant80 I would suggest use one place instead posting t two places. Since it was posted in the list & core developer so i closed it :) Let me know if you want me to open it fir you again?

koolhead17 gravatar imagekoolhead17 ( 2014-02-20 23:05:03 -0500 )edit

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