nova interface-attach fails for one instance, works for another

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hi all, we are running newton. We had a "245" network that was --provider:network_type flat. We detached the ports/interfaces from 20 instances and deleted the "245" network. Then we created a "246" network using --provider:network_type vlan. Then we proceeded to attach ports/interfaces from this "246" to the 20 instances. For some instances the attach works without issue. But for some instances the attach fails with this error.

ERROR (ClientException): Failed to attach network adapter device to 3ce1b510-8ca2-4d85-b27a-21fb64e6d456 (HTTP 500) (Request-ID: req-a28f9edb-739e-4c7b-b734-5394e8e36487)

here is an example of the commands we are using

neutron port-create --tenant-id 6ac3d8f7357e4cc7b5dc5ddbea6a48f4 --security-group eb078ff7-befe-4ae2-923f-a3b2a68bb524 net_246
nova interface-attach --port-id <port_id> devxms_2

Also found out since originally writing this post that this error does not occur when the instance is shut off. nova interface-attach works when the instance is Shutdown but does not work when it is Active. any ideas why that would be?

comparing the nova logging (below) for a WORKING attach and a FAILING attach I come to a section about CONVERTING VIF where the log lines diverge.

The WORKING case has a RESP BODY log line while the FAILING case does not, and itgoes on to unplug and delete the port. Both the WORKING and the FAILING instance are in the same project, are on the same compute node, and are going on the same "246" network.

I am hoping that is enough information for someone to advise what might be happening. any insight into what might be happening would be appreciated! thx --jim

2019-04-05T20:18:18.337213-04:00 node-71 nova-compute: 2019-04-05 20:18:18.335 5834 DEBUG [req-f96a315c-00a6-4899-a600-006e73ef1b6f b531c96d3755453f9fb02480aeca9554 6ac3d8f7357e4cc7b5dc5ddbea6a48f4 - - -] Converting VIF {"profile": {}, "ovs_interfaceid": "de10e56c-1a3b-492c-87cd-6fbce106a85b", "preserve_on_delete": true, "network": {"bridge": "br-int", "subnets": [{"ips": [{"meta": {}, "version": 4, "type": "fixed", "floating_ips": [], "address": ""}], "version": 4, "meta": {"dhcp_server": ""}, "dns": [{"meta": {}, "version": 4, "type": "dns", "address": ""}, {"meta": {}, "version": 4, "type": "dns", "address": ""}], "routes": [], "cidr": "", "gateway": {"meta": {}, "version": 4, "type": "gateway", "address": ""}}], "meta": {"injected": false, "tenant_id": "d7974c32475b435ca967225dee799360", "mtu": 1500}, "id": "a0a415c0-ea22-43e8-8350-ca3836384b73", "label": "external_flat_net_246"}, "devname": "tapde10e56c-1a", "vnic_type": "normal", "qbh_params": null, "meta": {}, "details": {"port_filter": true, "ovs_hybrid_plug": true}, "address": "fa:16:3e:8a:a2:97", "active": false, "type": "ovs", "id": "de10e56c-1a3b-492c-87cd-6fbce106a85b", "qbg_params": null} nova_to_osvif_vif /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/network/
2019-04-05T20:18:18.338357-04:00 node-71 nova-compute: 2019-04-05 20:18:18.337 5834 DEBUG [req-f96a315c-00a6-4899-a600-006e73ef1b6f b531c96d3755453f9fb02480aeca9554 6ac3d8f7357e4cc7b5dc5ddbea6a48f4 - - -] Converted object VIFBridge(active=False,address=fa:16:3e:8a:a2:97,bridge_name='qbrde10e56c-1a',has_traffic_filtering=True,id=de10e56c-1a3b-492c-87cd-6fbce106a85b,network=Network(a0a415c0-ea22-43e8-8350-ca3836384b73),plugin='ovs',port_profile=VIFPortProfileBase,preserve_on_delete=True,vif_name='tapde10e56c-1a') nova_to_osvif_vif /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/network/
RESP BODY: {"ports": [{"status": "DOWN", "dns_name": "devxms-2", "binding:host_id": "", "description": "", "allowed_address_pairs": [], "extra_dhcp_opts": [], "dns_assignment": [{"hostname": "devxms-2", "ip_address": "", "fqdn": ""}], "updated_at": "2019-04-06T00:18:17Z", "device_owner": "compute:nova", "revision_number": 8, "port_security_enabled": true, "binding:profile": {}, "fixed_ips": [{"subnet_id": "aa2ae04e-f78b-4784-bfa8-c5db116c2cd7", "ip_address": " ...
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this doesn't happen to new instances either. if i detach the interface given to a newly created instances I can attach another interface without error. any ideas anyone?

jamesopst gravatar imagejamesopst ( 2019-04-06 21:24:54 -0600 )edit

found out that this doesn't happen when the instance is shut off. nova interface-attach works when the instance is Shutdown but does not work when it is Active. any ideas why that could be?

jamesopst gravatar imagejamesopst ( 2019-04-09 16:04:31 -0600 )edit

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answered 2019-04-10 10:12:22 -0600

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updated 2019-04-10 10:19:11 -0600

On checking logs i do see that you are using OVS (OpenVSwitch) plugin , Have you assigned floating ip to the instances which are failing to delete.

for getting more clues , just check for the logs with string tapd3726aad-1c which is actually vif_name

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