multi-regional Openstack with geographically redundant keystone/horizon using Kolla

asked 2019-04-02 13:32:55 -0600

graysonh gravatar image

I've read the instructions here ( which answered a lot of my questions regarding multi-regional deployments using Kolla, but I still am not quite sure how I can leverage Kolla to bring about my desired config:

What I want is to geographically seperate horizon and keystone over three of our datacenters, I understand how this can be done with Galera and understand the limitations and considerations (such as the effect round-trip-times can have on database writes), and think that the benefits outweigh the costs. What I don't understand is how and if I could use kolla to deploy just horizon and keystone (without haproxy or keepalived, I would use DNS to route requests to the endpoint URL to the correct server based on the location of the request.)

Could I just disable all services except for horizon and keystone in a new multi-node file and deploy it separately from the other regions? If this is possible, how would the service accounts for each of the services such as nova and magnum get generated?

I'm probably going to attempt to do this anyways, but was wondering if anyone has blazed this path before me or has any recommendation on strategy.

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