Networking problem for Openstack installed inside an instance

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I have an openstack cloud set up which is up and running. It has an external network publicnet1 configured which is routable. Now, I have spawned an instance and installed openstack in this new instance using devstack (An openstack instance inside the new instance). I can configure internal networks in this new openstack.

Can I use the existing network (publicnet1) configured in the parent cloud and reserve some IP addresses for this instance and use it for all the instances which I am spinning out of this new cloud ? Or can I associate some floating IPs from this publicnet1 network to the instances which will be newly created from the new openstack instance ?

Basically, I dont have a new network range, I need to use the existing network (publicnet1) and use it in the new cloud?

Any guidance please.


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answered 2019-03-11 08:47:04 -0600

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Yes. By default, Devstack creates an isolated fake “external” network, but you can connect Devstack’s external network to the outside world. See

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