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Only VMs on private network not acquiring IP address

asked 2019-03-08 09:57:50 -0500

openstackuser12 gravatar image

If I create VMs on the provider network, all works well; they are assigned IPs which I can verify via ip a or ifconfig.

I have created a private (tenant) network with a subnet, and when I add attach a VM interface to this network, or launch a VM on this network directly, I can see the IPs that they are meant to be assigned in the dashboard, but they are not present in the OS itself. If I add them manually they can ping one another and it works fine. However, I don't think I should be doing this.

I have checked all logs in /var/log/neutron on the controller node, and they are totally clean. It doesn't make sense to me that anything would be wrong with dhcp agent since this problem appears to be exclusive to private/tenant networks.

I don't know if this is relevant, but the provider network is on a VLAN for segmentation purposes.

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answered 2019-03-09 07:56:05 -0500

Naga gravatar image

Check the IP a command weather Br-ex bridge opened for NIC (Eth1 etc..) or not. if any open the port and add the port to BR-EX bridge. example commands:-

ifup eth1

ovs-vsctl add-port br-ex eth1

check the ip a and check the port is up and add to br-ex

when you lunch the instance DHCP will give the IP address for Instance (local) , later needs to assign floating IP address to instance (it can be done manually or we can provide dhcp ip pool arrange on external network) Note:- by default DHCP enabled in open stack

you should create external network with VLAN segmentation and also create subnets you should create project network and also create subnet

create router and add external network and project networks interface for communicate each other because both are in different network...

hope this information will help you.. let me know if you need any help !!!

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answered 2019-03-10 03:41:52 -0500

chalans gravatar image

I've had the same problem . For me , no port was created on Ovs for the instance , i saw that on the log of the instance (no ethx :().

Check on the ovs log, for my case i had plenty errors and a restart of the Ovs container corrected my problem.


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