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barbican installation on rocky - not working

asked 2019-03-07 12:40:04 -0600

stef97 gravatar image


I have installed barbican using official documentation (

Everything went fine except that the no one is listening on port 9311 There is no log file in /var/log/barbican and nothing useful httpd logs ( except complains that SSL is disabled)

endpoints are correct ( no versioning at the end)

I must be missing something really simple/basic as there are not too many people having installation issues

Any hints how to troubleshoot this will be appreciated

openstack secret store --name mysecret --payload j4=]d21 Failed to contact the endpoint at for discovery. Fallback to using that endpoint as the base url.

openstack endpoint list | grep barbican | 20c900918bc74f2794a21b671ff2fb84 | RegionOne | barbican | key-manager | True | internal |


[DEFAULT] host_href = sql_connection = mysql+pymysql://barbican:@ db_auto_create = false debug = true transport_url=rabbit://guest:guest@ [certificate] [certificate_event] [cors] [crypto] [dogtag_plugin] [keystone_authtoken] www_authenticate_uri= memcached_servers= auth_type=password auth_url= username=barbican password=* user_domain_name=Default project_name=services project_domain_name=Default


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answered 2019-03-07 13:24:02 -0600

stef97 gravatar image

Hi, I've used this and it is working now (

barbican is working fine as a service - not sure why the docs suggested to added to Apache

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One has to add Listen 9311 to apache conf

jsm gravatar imagejsm ( 2019-03-09 09:10:56 -0600 )edit

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