Activate qemu guest agent for running instances

asked 2019-03-01 06:27:07 -0600

Hey everyone,

I am adding the qemu-guest-agent to my Openstack instances.

For new instances this is easy by adding hw_qemu_guest_agent to the glance image, but I have a lot of running instances, that need the qemu-guest-agent as well.

For instance booted from Cinder Volumes, I found a way, by using:

cinder image-metadata <volume-id> set hw_qemu_guest_agent=yes

Afterwards I rebuild the instance.

But I can't use this approach for instances using ephemeral storage, as the rebuild process will delete the old storage and create a new one.

I tried to edit the VM definition manually, but nova overwrites the definition again.

Any ideas how I can get the qemu socket on instances using ephemeral storage without losing the data on the ephemeral storage?


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