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How does different components of Airship( work together?

asked 2019-02-20 05:32:47 -0500

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How different components relates to each other

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answered 2019-02-20 05:38:25 -0500

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Initial region/site data will be passed to Shipyard from either a human operator or Jenkins

The data (in YAML format) will be sent to Deckhand for validation and storage

Shipyard will make use of the post-processed data from DeckHand to interact with Drydock.

Drydock will interact with Promenade to provision and deploy bare metal nodes using Ubuntu MAAS and a resilient Kubernetes cluster will be created at the end of the process

Once the Kubernetes clusters are up and validated to be working properly, Shipyard will interact with Armada to deploy OpenStack using OpenStack Helm

Once the OpenStack cluster is deployed, Shipyard will trigger a workflow to perform basic sanity health checks on the cluster

  • from README of airship-shipyard
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