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Tacker Integration in Openstack

asked 2019-02-13 06:57:50 -0500

Subeesh KK gravatar image

I have an Openstack already installed and running fine. I wanted an orchestration tool to execute TOSCA template and came to know that Openstack Tacker is a good one. Please help me answer below queries on this:

  1. How to integrate Tacker in the already installed Openstack? The current openstack is not installed via Devstack.

  2. I have access to Openstack CLI through which I execute stack create commands and all. Can I install Tacker on this CLI?

  3. Is there any other recommended tools which I can install/integrate to Openstack and execute TOSCA template?

Any help on this would be helpful for me.

Thanks, Subeesh

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answered 2019-02-13 20:09:25 -0500

hoangphuoc gravatar image

As your questions, there are my answers for you

If you want to install Tacker manually, here is the document for that: You can also install Tacker by Devstack by using this local.conf file:

You can also install Tacker with other deployments, such as kolla-ansible. You can find out more information here:

To create VNF, VNF forwarding graph and network service with TOSCA template, there are some examples are listed in this link: In user guide, we also provide the guide to install VIM, create VNF resources.

I hope that can help you.

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