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Error in "docker network create" with kuryr as driver

asked 2019-02-12 22:26:37 -0500

anonymous user


updated 2019-02-13 22:11:55 -0500

I have installed OpenStack Queens release. I wish to run docker containers on it as first class residents like VMs therefore, I installed Zun. Zun requires Kuryr-libnetwork on the compute node. Everything got installed correctly but verifying the installation with docker network create --driver kuryr --ipam-driver kuryr --subnet --gateway= test_net gives the following error: Error response from daemon: legacy plugin: Plugin.Activate: {"message":"page not found"} The /var/log/syslog file gives this error: Feb 13 09:25:01 compute dockerd[27830]: time="2019-02-13T09:25:01.006618155+05:30" level=error msg="Handler for POST /v1.39/networks/create returned error: legacy plugin: Plugin.Activate: {\"message\":\"page not found\"}\n". I am new to both OpenStack and Docker.

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answered 2019-02-14 19:59:31 -0500

hongbin034 gravatar image

updated 2019-02-14 19:59:55 -0500

It seems your docker daemon cannot connect to the kuryr-libnetwork process. There are several things you might want to verify:

  • If the kuryr-libnetwork process is running? (sudo systemctl start kuryr-libnetwork)
  • If there is any error in the kuryr-libnetwork log? (sudo journalctl -u kuryr-libnetwork)
  • If docker daemon has the correct endpoint of the kuryr-libnetwork? (check /usr/lib/docker/plugins/kuryr/kuryr.spec)

If above doesn't help, we need the following items for further trouble-shooting.

  • The kuryr-libnetwork log
  • The docker daemon log
  • The kuryr-libnetwork config file (/etc/kuryr/kuryr.conf)
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