In triple-O Queens, Nodes are not powering On as I start with my Overcloud Deployment??

asked 2019-01-15 05:59:10 -0500

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Hi All, Trying with Overcloud Deployment in queens and im pulling all heat yaml related files for overcloud deplyoment to my home stack home directory, even with Overcloud_images file for container images and im running script creating locally but as soon as I start Deployment, Nodes are not powering on and Deployment completes successfully but no nodes are on and when I do server list it showing Empty. Here is my local script with specified yaml,


source /home/stack/stackrc time openstack overcloud deploy --templates \ -r /home/stack/templates/roles.yaml \ -e /home/stack/templates/network-isolation.yaml \ -e /home/stack/templates/network-environment.yaml \ -e /home/stack/templates/ceph-storage-environment.yaml \ -e /home/stack/templates/extra-parameters.yaml \ -e /home/stack/templates/fernet.yaml \ -e /home/stack/templates/layout.yaml \ -e /home/stack/templates/overcloud_images.yaml \ --log-file overcloud-deployment.log \ --timeout 180

I think its using defualt empty yaml or any, kindly, Could u anyone pls suggest me on this or some other way of queens TripleO deployment on Baremetals server.

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Are you able to power them on with openstack baremetal node power on NODE_NAME ?

You said it completes successfully. So openstack stack list shows CREATE_COMPLETE ?

If yes to both, it would be interesting to watch the remote console during deployment to see if they do try to power on at all.

r3d3mpt10n gravatar imager3d3mpt10n ( 2019-01-31 05:37:16 -0500 )edit