how to use br-vlan veth pair ? what is the benefit of veth?

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I have installed openstack via ansible but i cannot find the benefit of veth pair which created in compute host interfaces' file as mentioned in official document : (

# For tenant vlan support, create a veth pair to be used when the neutron
# agent is not containerized on the compute hosts. 'eth12' is the value used on
# the host_bind_override parameter of the br-vlan network section of the
# openstack_user_config example file. The veth peer name must match the value
# specified on the host_bind_override parameter.
# When the neutron agent is containerized it will use the container_interface
# value of the br-vlan network, which is also the same 'eth12' value.
# Create veth pair, do not abort if already exists
#    pre-up ip link add br-vlan-veth type veth peer name eth12 || true
# Set both ends UP
#    pre-up ip link set br-vlan-veth up
#    pre-up ip link set eth12 up
# Delete veth pair on DOWN
#    post-down ip link del br-vlan-veth || true
#    bridge_ports bond1 br-vlan-veth

can anyone please explain more or give me some example cause in my first time i made my tests using that bridge "br-vlan" without creating the veth pair

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