Can anyone help with Synology Cloud Sync on OVH?

asked 2018-12-29 16:23:16 -0500

I've been trying to get a Synology NAS with Cloud Sync to work on OVH via OpenStack Swift. My file is as follows:


# To use an Openstack cloud you need to authenticate against keystone, which # returns a Token and Service Catalog. The catalog contains the # endpoint for all services the user/tenant has access to - including nova, # glance, keystone, swift. # export OS_AUTH_URL= export OS_IDENTITY_API_VERSION=2

# With the addition of Keystone we have standardized on the term tenant # as the entity that owns the resources. export OS_TENANT_ID=cd481a3fed75434db8434324d342e925 export OS_TENANT_NAME="8243518349369325"

# In addition to the owning entity (tenant), openstack stores the entity # performing the action as the user. export OS_USERNAME="PVSq9FWtYnPA"

# With Keystone you pass the keystone password. echo "Please enter your OpenStack Password: " read -sr OS_PASSWORD_INPUT export OS_PASSWORD=$OS_PASSWORD_INPUT

# If your configuration has multiple regions, we set that information here. # OS_REGION_NAME is optional and only valid in certain environments. export OS_REGION_NAME="BHS3" # Don't leave a blank variable, unset it if it was empty if [ -z "$OS_REGION_NAME" ]; then unset OS_REGION_NAME; fi

Based on that, I've entered the following fields:

Identity Service endpoint = Identity Service version = 2.0 Username = PVSq9FWtYnPA Password = ********** Tenant/Project id = cd481a3fed75434db8434324d342e925 Tenant/Project name = 8243518349369325 Location = BHS3 Container name =

...but then Cloud Sync says it "Failed to list containers." Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong? Any info at all would be appreciated.

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