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asked 2018-12-27 14:06:17 -0600

raniaadouni gravatar image

hi , I was looking for instruction to set up FWaaS on queens But I can't find something that work for me I didn't understand so much from this ( because I have controller node and network node separated so I didn't know where or how to set up this also I didn't find this one: " [service_providers]


service_provider = FIREWALL:Iptables:neutron.agent.linux.iptables_firewall.OVSHybridIptablesFirewallDriver:default "

Some help to clarify this one will be nice and thnaks !!

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DISCLAIMER: I have never tried this.

It probably doesn’t matter on which node you install FWaaS.

As far as I understand the instructions, you are not supposed to find the service provider setting, but to enter it.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2018-12-27 16:56:39 -0600 )edit

really I don't know how this is wil be work but i did try to configure the neutron.conf on both nodes and then I configure fwaas_driver.ini and add in that file the service provider but I get this error when I try neutron-db-manage --subproject neutron-fwaas upgrade head " on network node !!!

raniaadouni gravatar imageraniaadouni ( 2018-12-27 17:38:45 -0600 )edit

what is the error?

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2018-12-27 19:00:40 -0600 )edit