Is there any service impact (Compute and network services) inside the VM, if the nova and neutron services on the hypervisor are restarted? The VM is an existing VM which has booted successfully.

asked 2018-12-26 05:57:28 -0600

karthik.s.eric gravatar image

I have a Openstack Platform (Newton) which has many VMs that are up and running. As part of the debug log enabling procedure, the services were to be restarted on the compute and the controllers..I am interested to know if there is any impact on the existing production environment by restarting the Nova and Neutron services in the controller and compute?

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answered 2018-12-26 07:05:27 -0600

updated 2018-12-26 07:06:53 -0600

Restarting Compute and network services will not affect the running Virtual Machines in the hypervisor.

boot, reboot, rebuild operations will be affected by service restart

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answered 2018-12-27 01:13:27 -0600

tze gravatar image

It's absolutely safe to restart Nova compute service and neutron. All the architecture of openstack is as orchestrator, the Nova compute service sent commands to libvirt and libvirt to kvm. Same to neutron service, the neutron service give commands to open switch or brctl depends on your driver. With this design you can make updates to openstack (and hole major version) without stopping your vms.

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