zun and access to public network unreachable

asked 2018-12-22 14:53:13 -0600

raniaadouni gravatar image

hi everyone , I think after i did setup the container service [zun] my instance can access to INTERNET and also I can't ping to my instances using the floating ip ; I was thinking maybe because of zun and docker I had this problem because before of that everything was working fine !!!! some suggestion will be nice ,thanks

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Hi @raniaadouni ,

A few clarification questions:

  • How did you deploy OpenStack (i.e. you are using a tool or following a document somewhere)?
  • How did you setup the Zun service?
  • Which version of OpenStack service you were using (i.e. Master, Rocky, Queens or Pike)?
  • Which version of Zun?
hongbin034 gravatar imagehongbin034 ( 2018-12-26 16:24:30 -0600 )edit

hi hongbin I did solve this problem thank you for your reply

raniaadouni gravatar imageraniaadouni ( 2018-12-27 07:10:28 -0600 )edit