TripleO install failures

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Could some kind folk please verify that it is possible to deploy Openstack via the TripleO route? We have been trying to install an undercloud/overcloud environment all on bare metal systems via TripleO with dismal failures which are accompanied by cryptic errors that, of course, make no sense to us. We are following closely the TripleO installation guide found here: with the Rocky release. Before we dump tones of DEBUG logs we are really seeking sort of verification that such an install is possible. Looking at the messages in these forums we do not seem to be alone which reinforces our experience that there are fundamental issues with such an approach. The cryptic ERROR and FAIL debug messages compound the problems. Our install efforts fail at "openstack undercloud install". Thank you all.

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I agree, TripleO seems to be a very very bad product compared to the newer Openstack-helm which is very seamless and easy to install. Openstack-helm can be seamlessly installed on a Google Cloud Instance as well. But TripleO - waste to time. tried to build a virtual environment w quickstart .

sudeep.batra gravatar imagesudeep.batra ( 2019-01-05 23:00:48 -0500 )edit