how baremetal instance is launched in self service tenant vxlan

asked 2018-12-15 03:46:33 -0600

Bhujay Kumar Bhatta gravatar image

Dear all , need some help to understand how baremetal is provisioned in a self-service tenant network.

our environment : ironic with nova , linuxbridge as mech driver,

we have achieved spinning a baremetal instance in provider vlan network which was setup by admin for tetant to use. Baremetal was registered with two NIC , one for PXE boot and another for network with local link connection information populated with network id for provider/external network id. baremetal instance was successfully able to switch the NIC from PXE interface to the 2nd interface during the networking stage and the instance was available to the tenant on the vlan. For this to happen we did not install ironic neutron agent , or mechanism driver for top of the rack switch.

However, when it comes to self service network , where the network id and segmentation id is generated dynamically, local link connection information for 2nd NIC can not be pre-defined. Hence, from the documentation it seems, the same NIC, that was configured for PXE boot will be reconfigured by ironic networking to connect to tenant network. This is not working for us .

Apparently two activates may be needed to be done and need your help to understand the underlying operation

1) Configuring the interface in the baremetal instance with necessary vxlan vni - is it done by ironic conductor or neutron ? or nothing is done at baremetal instance to configure the vxlan. 2) Configuring the TOR switch port - is it done by ironic-neutron-agent , switch agent such as networking-generic-switch driver or both are needed 3) where baremetal mech driver and the switch agent will be running, neutron server, neutron agent or nova baremetal hypervisor node 4) if possible please refer link to relevant portion of the source code

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