neutron metering-agent doesn't work with l3-agent dvr mode

asked 2018-12-03 01:50:37 -0500

suzj gravatar image (

From line 253 to line 234, it can be seen that snat-xxx iptables does not add chains(neutron-metering-l-xxx/neutron-metering-r-xxx), so snat-xxx iptables does not support metering. And, at line 249:

ext_dev, ext_snat_dev = self.get_external_device_names(rm)
for (im, dev) in [(rm.iptables_manager, ext_dev),
                      (rm.snat_iptables_manager, ext_snat_dev)]:

ext_dev in snat-xxx namespace, ext_snat_dev in qrouter-xxx namespace.How it can recieve packages?

Is the code not supported or is there a problem with my configuration?

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