Error: No valid host was found. There are not enough hosts available.

asked 2018-11-17 03:51:47 -0500

katoon2 gravatar image

Hi, I have been having trouble with this error for 2 weeks. I have tried multiple steups from another articles with no resolution.

I am using VirtuaBox and have set openstack to use qemu.

I have 1 controller and 1 compute.

I followed the Ubuntu guide ( and have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS installed.

See screenshot below. (image description) (image description)

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Why did you install Newton? The current release is Rocky.

“Unknown auth type” indicates that you misconfigured authentication in nova.conf. Double-check the [keystone_authtoken] section.

Bernd Bausch gravatar imageBernd Bausch ( 2018-11-17 04:21:24 -0500 )edit