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What is the best OpenStack tool/report to see our instance and host CPU, RAM, utilization?

asked 2018-11-11 13:11:01 -0500

mdershew gravatar image

Hi. I am new to OpenStack and have been asked to analyze our VMs and VM hosts. What function or tool allows you to easily see stats like CPU, RAM, and utilization? Sort of equivalent to the VMware RVTools output.


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answered 2018-11-12 01:17:40 -0500

yasin lachiny gravatar image

you can use ceilometer and grafana for its dashboard. and use aodh for alarming

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answered 2018-11-12 00:22:16 -0500

Deepa gravatar image

Nagios will be a good option

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answered 2018-11-12 01:00:16 -0500

updated 2018-11-26 11:00:45 -0500

You can use Zabbix monitoring tool, it is not the OpenStack tool, but it is used to monitoring your instance and you can also trigger a mail alert. Zabbix is an open source monitoring software tool for diverse IT components, including networks, servers, virtual machines (VMs) and cloud services. Zabbix provides monitoring metrics, such as network utilization, CPU load, and disk space consumption. The software monitors operations on Linux, Hewlett Packard Unix (HP-UX), Mac OS X, Solaris and other operating systems (OSes); however, Windows monitoring is only possible through agents

features of Zabbix Send messages, Let Zabbix fix issues automatically, Escalate problems according to flexible user-defined Service Levels, Customize messages based on recipient's role, Customize messages with runtime and inventory information.

For ubuntu follow this link for Zabbix configuration and adding the new host to Zabbix server

configure mail alerts on Zabbix server

zabbix Documentation

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