Networking in OpenStack

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I am having some trouble to understand the network-create command, and the overall networking configuration in OpenStack. Here is my situation:

I have one controller with one physical interface (eth0). It has a public IP address.

I have two compute nodes with one physical interface (eth0). They also have a public IP address.

I followed the (documentation). What I would like is to have a private network with these range of IP for each VMs: I would like the controller to have the IP I did all the configuration especially the one (here). Everything is working fine except that the IP address is assigned to one of the compute node. I do not really understand why this one and not the controller. Can anybody help me?

I think that I do not understand something in the documentation. Why does the Basic Networking ( ( ) mentions that the external IP is for the controller and then in the compute services ( ( ), we create a network...

My objective in the end is to run a DNS server on the controller in order to have the matching between the hostname of the VM and its IP address.

PS: I am using ubuntu 12.04 with openstack Havana

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