Use autohealing Heat template example in Newton

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i want to use event alarm as said in heat_template_version: 2017-02-24

but i use openstack newton that is not support heat_template_version: 2017-02-24 what should i do ? how can i set event alarm?

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answered 2018-11-20 11:02:25 -0600

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Event alarms have been supported in Aodh for a while, but a lot of features used by those example templates were added only in Ocata. This includes the OS::Aodh::EventAlarm and OS::Zaqar::MistralTrigger resource types. (The template version is not actually especially important in this case, and could be changed to an earlier version, but it will still fail if you don't have the required resource plugins.)

To get this working on Newton you would need to upgrade Heat to Ocata, or at least backport those two resource type plugins. As I recall, there were also several changes required to other services to be able to develop these templates. I'm not sure how many of those landed in Newton vs. Ocata.

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