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hello expert what is the diffrent between cattl vmand pet vm and how to high available pet vm. i have database. is it cattle or pet? after failure what can i do for automatic recovery?

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answered 2018-11-02 01:27:59 -0600

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how can i high availavle pet vm?

yasin lachiny gravatar imageyasin lachiny ( 2018-11-02 03:41:54 -0600 )edit

answered 2018-11-02 18:18:24 -0600

emccormickva gravatar image

High availability for your application needs to be handled at the application level. For example, if you want a highly available database, you could use something like Galera for Mysql. Openstack provides some tools you can use to achieve this like LBaaS (Load Balancing as a Service) or Heat to orchestrate an application stack. Heat can act on certain alarms to execute various actions like create or restart a virtual machine, but it's up to you how to go about implementing it for your specific application. There is not, strictly speaking, HA for virtual machines. If your virtual machine is so important that it can't die and be recreated quickly through automation, it is a pet.

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how to high available vm that attaching volume to it. i can scale vm by heat and i can set alarm for it. it is work fine but i do not know how to use it for vm failure? i know the concept of it but i can not write suitable heat template for it

yasin lachiny gravatar imageyasin lachiny ( 2018-11-03 04:08:00 -0600 )edit

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