how can murano deploy environment to already-provisioned instnaces?

asked 2018-11-01 03:04:51 -0500

simonjames gravatar image

I've already create a few instances in OpenStack, and want to add these instances to a murano environment, then install applications into these instances (say, turn these instances into a MongoDB cluster ...).

Does Murano support this kind of operation? Beause the (official document) says, "theoretically a user can pass an already-provisioned VM object as input, but you need to be sure." But I can't find a practical guide on how to do this.

There's a blueprint on Launchpad called ("Murano should be able to select image, volume or existing instance for installing app") is exactly what I want, but seems has been abandoned :(

I know it's possible to create a Heat stack using existing resources by using heat stack-abandon and heat stack-adopt, and probably the (openstack/flame) project could be helpful, but have no idea about how can these be used by Murano.

So, does anybody have some ideas about using murano with existed instances?

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