Get two cinder-volume service in the same backend

asked 2018-10-30 02:17:46 -0600

guanzy gravatar image

cinder-volume | rbd:volumes@rbd | nova | enabled | down | 2018-10-30T05:05:25.000000 | - | | cinder-volume | rbd:volumes@rbd | nova | enabled | up | 2018-10-30T07:11:23.000000 | -

It has only one backend in cinder.conf, but cinder service-list can see two cinder-volume service

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answered 2018-11-02 01:10:57 -0600

yasin lachiny gravatar image

you see two cinder volume in dashboard one of them is up and the other one is is not important.just it is in databse and you should delete it in database.

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answered 2018-10-30 12:15:08 -0600

emccormickva gravatar image

If you've ever had another controller online with the cinder-volume service running, you would end up with an entry for it in the list. This would be the case if you're running pacemaker to manage them, changed the host name of your controller, reinstalled the controller but kept the existing databases, etc.

You can see they are both for the same storage backend "rbd:volumes@rbd" but one of them is down. At this point it's probably just a cosmetic thing and not causing any harm.

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