Problems with SFC Devstack Ocata

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Hi all, I've installed Openstack Ocata using devstack. 1 controller + compute and 2 compute nodes. Than I have followed and

to deploy a SFC. In my setup I have: 6 ports 1 src attached to port 1 1 dst attached to port 6 2 SFs respectively attached to port 2 and 3 and port 4 and 5. Everything is in the same subnet.

I have 3 problems/questions:

1: I don't know why, the VMs are instantiated only in the Controller+Compute node. Maybe a problem of Ocata?

I did a capture on the tap interface referred to the ports. I noticed that

2: Only the first packet is in the instances selected as VNF and not all the packets. At src and dst I see all the packets

3: I have checked the timestamp of the firts packet and they have a wrong order, in particular: src, dst, VNF1, VNF2

Moreover, I would like to know how to add onos as in these slides, and what Onos controlls in this case.

Is anyone able to help me?

Thanks a lot Silvia

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