Rexray reflect panic

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Hello all
I have magnum api version 2.8.0 and I am creating a swarm-mode coe with 2 nodes and 1 master, using fedora-atomic as the image. I am able to create clusters perfectly fine, however; I am running into an issue with the rexray driver. I am running cinder block storage through an iscsi SAN via the cinder synology driver and I am not having any issues with any other services that use cinder.
I have attempted to manually structure the rexray service and it comes out with the same result, logs below:

time="2018-10-04T01:01:53Z" level=info msg="created pid file" pid=19376 time=1538614913689
time="2018-10-04T01:01:53Z" level=info msg="libStorage auto service mode enabled" driver=openstack time=1538614913706
time="2018-10-04T01:01:53Z" level=info msg="configured logging" libstorage.logging.httpRequests=false
libstorage.logging.httpResponses=false libstorage.logging.level=info server=fate-venom-sj time=1538614913749
time="2018-10-04T01:01:53Z" level=info msg="initializing server" server=fate-venom-sj time=1538614913750
time="2018-10-04T01:01:53Z" level=info msg="initializing default endpoint" autoEndpointMode=unix server=fate-venom-sj time=1538614913762
time="2018-10-04T01:01:53Z" level=info msg="initializing auto unix endpoint" endpoint=libstorage.server.endpoints.localhost server=fate-venom-sj time=1538614913771
time="2018-10-04T01:01:53Z" level=info msg="configured endpoint" address="unix:///var/run/libstorage/232641277.sock" endpoint=localhost server=fate-venom-sj time=1538614913787
time="2018-10-04T01:01:53Z" level=info msg="server created" server=fate-venom-sj time=1538614913788
time="2018-10-04T01:01:53Z" level=info msg="initialized endpoints" server=fate-venom-sj time=1538614913788
time="2018-10-04T01:01:53Z" level=info msg="initializing server services" server=fate-venom-sj time=1538614913789
time="2018-10-04T01:01:54Z" level=panic msg="reflect: call of reflect.Value.Elem on struct Value"

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The issue is still present with OpenStack Train deploying a cluster with coe 'swarm-mode'. Any solution?

PietroM gravatar imagePietroM ( 2020-03-24 20:03:14 -0600 )edit