How to use aliases with bindep requirements?

asked 2018-10-16 04:31:28 -0500

ssbarnea gravatar image

I came to a case where the rpm dependencies do vary between distribution VERSION, mainly older relases use libselinux-python and newer one python3-libselinux

I found a command line trick that works for installing using yum and dnf that is visible below:

yum(dnf) install -y libselinux-python* python*-libselinux

The trick is to keep both wildcards because otherwise dnf would return an error code when it fails to find the first one. With wilcards both, yum and dnf behave the same: returning an error only if at the end none of the packages is installed. If one of the packages is installed, they will return success.

The question is how to do this with bindep.txt?

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