how to inject ssh public key for second user

asked 2018-10-15 12:56:04 -0600

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HI all,

i have created vm in openstack by default nova injecting ssh public key for user test1 location /home/test1/authorized keys till here everything is fine.

if i want give ssh access for second user, how can i give...

thanks in advance Prasanth

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Cloud-init is the way to go here. When the instance is launched you can only inject one key to the VM, but with cloud-init you can configure the VM the way you want, e.g. creating files for management (salt-minion), enable services and inject ssh keys.

eblock gravatar imageeblock ( 2018-10-16 02:38:16 -0600 )edit

Agree with @eblock.

If you want to check out an example ( (

userlerueda gravatar imageuserlerueda ( 2018-10-18 01:17:51 -0600 )edit