Change the serial console proxy client to remote host

asked 2018-10-15 08:26:48 -0600

Aravinda gravatar image

Base openstack version : MITAKA

Hello, can I change the proxy client IP address to remote IP address ?

# Options defined in nova.console.serial
# Enable serial console related features (boolean value)


# Range of TCP ports to use for serial ports on compute hosts

# Location of serial console proxy. (string value)
# The address to which proxy clients (like nova-serialproxy)
# should connect (string value)

Here, is my compute IP where my VM is housed. however, i would like to route / forward that proxy client to which is another host or VM. is this possible ? if possible, what configuration is required on the remote host and compute host ? I already tried setting serial console on the remote host and configured the same here in nova.conf but no luck so far. pls suggest if there are any better method other than SPICE or Serial-Console-Proxy as those are not matching with the requirement that i am currently trying to achieve.

Appreciate your help on this...

thanks, Aravinda

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