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Any commands in openstack to determine Free IPs(for IPV6) in a subnet

asked 2018-10-15 06:59:02 -0500

h4harshith gravatar image


I use the below command, when I want to find out a Free IP in a particular subnet

neutron floatingip-create public
| Field               | Value                                |
| fixed_ip_address    |                                      |
| floating_ip_address |                       |
| floating_network_id | 7a03e6bc-234d-402b-9fb2-0af06c85a8a3 |
| id                  | 9d7e2603482d                         |
| port_id             |                                      |
| router_id           |                                      |
| status              | ACTIVE                               |
| tenant_id           | 9e67d44eab334f07bf82fa1b17d824b6     |

This helps me to find which IP is not in use and could be used

Is there any particular openstack command to check IPV6 addresses which are free in a particular subnet? If no command, any shortcuts to determine IP6 addresses are free? (other than ping6)


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answered 2018-11-27 02:09:00 -0500

h4harshith gravatar image

I found a newer way of determining IPV6 Address. If the neutron ports attached to the networks have DHCPV6 Enabled, We can simply create a new port to the subnet and the network will assign a free IPV6 address using DHCP

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answered 2018-10-24 05:49:33 -0500

updated 2018-10-24 05:50:14 -0500

In openstack, [openstack port list --network --fixed-ip subnet= ] command is used to check active ports.

nmap -6 IPv6-Address-Here

nmap -v A -6 2607:f0d0:1002:51::4

N-Map commands can be used to find which IP's are up in a particular subnet, but for large subnet it is difficult.

maybe following link help for you

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