It is impossible to release IP from instance: 'remove_fixed_ip' string is displayed and nothing happens

asked 2018-10-10 04:25:55 -0500

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I'm trying to do simple thing - add fixed IP address to instance and remove it later. Here is the way I'm doing this:

[root@controller ~]# openstack server list
| 99efe143-322b-4c87-a84f-15ea003f9cda | centos7-instanceCOSBM-hvm  | ACTIVE  | provider= | centos7-hvm | centos7-hvm |
[root@controller ~]# openstack server add fixed ip 99efe143-322b-4c87-a84f-15ea003f9cda 2540cb0c-6076-4683-83b3-0ffd2984fa7b
[root@controller ~]# openstack server list
| 99efe143-322b-4c87-a84f-15ea003f9cda | centos7-instanceCOSBM-hvm  | ACTIVE  | provider=, | centos7-hvm | centos7-hvm |
[root@controller ~]# openstack server remove fixed ip 99efe143-322b-4c87-a84f-15ea003f9cda
[root@controller ~]#

And nothing happens. Using instance name instead of ID, doing this under admin credentials, using obsoleted CLI "ip fixed remove" does not help or change behavior somehow. Nova logs do not track any errors, but neutron log does:

2018-10-10 05:19:05.135 2007 WARNING neutron.pecan_wsgi.controllers.root [req-c4e5b0d0-a577-430b-804f-680f4e092891 1cf4cb98f535455b8b9ca79ed663b8d1 a8cbae18e3b04f64b9ffcc3b66656a2f - default default] No controller found for: floatingips - returning response code 404: PecanNotFound
2018-10-10 05:19:05.136 2007 INFO neutron.pecan_wsgi.hooks.translation [req-c4e5b0d0-a577-430b-804f-680f4e092891 1cf4cb98f535455b8b9ca79ed663b8d1 a8cbae18e3b04f64b9ffcc3b66656a2f - default default] GET failed (client error): The resource could not be found.

Trying to do this both on Queens and Rocky - same result.

Is this a bug or some kind of misconfiguration of my stack?

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