Error installing OpenStack on AZure

asked 2018-10-08 08:07:43 -0500

Hi Community,

I am trying to install Open Stack for production use in my company, The thing is I've been struggling with the OpenStack installation on Azure (just to simulate) using the steps provided on this website: (, The error appears when I try to execute the 12th step " 12. Finally start Openstack installation process via the answer file edited above by running the below command syntax: *# packstack --answer-file 13.04.16.conf. it shows this error :

Error: Failed to apply catalog: Command: 'openstack ["image", "list", "--quiet", "--format", "csv", "--long"]' has been running for more than 40 seconds (tried 4, for a total of 170 seconds)

Can someone please tells me what I'm missing here, I tried to go through all the articles on the web but with no luck. Thanks in advance,


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