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python-neutronclient Request URI Too Long

asked 2018-09-28 05:58:51 -0500

edemin gravatar image

Hello! I try to add port at instance with 250 ip address attached to one port. And when i trying to attach port with nova interface-attach i get error

ERROR (ClientException): Unexpected API Error. Please report this at and attach the Nova API log if possible. <class 'oslo_messaging.rpc.client.remoteerror'=""> (HTTP 500) (Request-ID: req-a14f0d92-81f3-49be-80bf-915442a43389)</class>

About this i described bug at launchpad but i haven't resolve this problem. (

I would be grateful for any help. Thanks!

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answered 2018-10-05 10:04:53 -0500

edemin gravatar image

For this case, will be fix at versions of OpenStack Ocata, Pike, Queens, Rocky (

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