How to get started for the use cases like bare-metal and VM deployment ?

asked 2018-09-24 09:18:03 -0600

anonymous user


I am looking to use OpenStack for the following use cases

  1. Bare Metal [x86_64] CentOS/ Ubuntu/ SLES Provisioning with Mellanox/ Intel OPA interface
  2. Bare Metal [x86_64] CentOS/ Ubuntu/ SLES RAMDISK Provisioning approach with Mellanox/ Intel OPA interface
  3. Launching [x86_64] CentOS/ Ubuntu/ SLES VM instancesw with Mellanox SR-IOV and NVMe pass-through

  4. Can the bare-metal Linux Provisioning and VM Lauching done through infiniband/ Intel OPA instead of Ethernet interface.

  5. I don't have a high speed network file-system to have the VM's images. Can the VM instance be launched in locally without having a Network file-system ?
  6. What are services from OpenStack required for these use case ?
  7. If any Specific OpenStack deployment method, please suggest
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